Antiques Asian Antiques Japan Netsuke
WWII Japanese Carved Bone Knife
Rare Wooden Lacquer Inro Netsuke Japanese Antique Japan Pill Box USA Seller!
Antique Vintage Carved Signed BOVINE JAPANESE NETSUKE Samurai Warrior
756 Japanese Samurai Edo Antique Azumakudari zu Makie inro & wooden netsuke
Netsuke with scroll SIGNED
Netsuke with peaches SIGNED
Skinner to Host Asian Art Auction in Marlborough
Japanese porcelain is highlighted by two Satsuma covered censers ... A Satsuma covered teapot with a mark by the Shimazu Family is also available (lot 210, $200 to $300). Asian Furniture, Prints, and Decorative Objects Furniture highlights include a ...
$165 TV stand used to store booze actually a $10.4m Japanese antique
A CHEST bought for $A165 and used as a TV stand and drinks cabinet has sold for $10.4 million - after it was revealed to be a long-lost Japanese antique. The 370-year-old ... Its curator of East Asian art, Menno Fitski, said: "This chest is the best ...
W.Va. native finds new home, career in Japan
West Virginia native Sean Gaston shows off a Japanese app called "Touch ... exotic cultures and "Japanese history, antiques and food." As he explored Tokyo for the first time, Gaston rekindled a love for Asian culture. He has worked for Asian companies ...
For what it’s worth: Antiques expert Mark Lawson does appraisals at Malta Community Center event
It shows two large sheep in the foreground, standing in a large field with ... However, certain parts of the industry are still doing well, such as gold, silver and Asian antiques. “China’s booming economy has created a burgeoning middle class with ...
The £6million TV stand: Sold for a fortune, antique chest that cost £100 and 'got lost' for 70 years
But there was one place the Victoria & Albert museum didn’t look in their hunt for the rare antique Japanese chest ... Delighted Dutch curator Menno Fitski, head of East Asian art at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, said: ‘The thing to note ...
Antique Netsuke Carved Spiked Seashell Conk Shell from Stag Antler
Horse On Turtle Ojime Bead Hand Carved Japanese Miniature Figurine 150
Boxwood Hand Carved Japanese Netsuke Sculpture Lovely Seated Rabbit #09261801
Vintage Japanese ivory colored bone netsuke -Baby Elephant with BAT
Carved Antique Japanese Bovine Netsuke Of Scholar With Stand
Vintage Kama Sutra Book Made of Wood Nepalese - Painted Book
Chinese Doctors Lady Doll Asian Antique Figurine Signed Fancy Stand
Netsuke Vintage Signed Wood Carved Three Wise Monkey's Onyx/Glass Eyes
Antique Signed Netsuke Carved Flower Floral from Stag Antler
Japanese ivory color bone netsuke -Rabbit On Round Fruit
Japanese ivory colored bone netsuke- Baby Turtles On Mother Turtle
Japanese ivory color bone netsuke - A Large Rabbit with Long Ears sits quietly
19th Century Japanese Tagayasan Wood and Shibayama Netsuke of a Tsuba
Antique Netsuke Carved Pheasant Exotic Bird from Stag Antler
Netsuke. Japan. signed. Antique
Estate Dragon , Lion or Dog Netsuke
Japanese ivory colored bone netsuke-Black & White Mouse/Mice on Pumpkin,signed
Japanese Antique Dragon Carved Wood Inro Ojime Samurai Sword Edo Katana
Rare Collectible Old Boxwood Antique Handwork Plum Blossom Ruyi Netsuke Statue
Collectible Antique Boxwood Handwork Good Harvest Old Fisherman Netsuke Statue
Japanese ivory color bone netsuke -Rabbit with Daikon,White Turnip
Old Boxwood Handmade Carved lovely mouse basket Statue netsuke pendant
Rabbit Ojime Bead Round Ball Hand Carved Japanese Miniature Figurine 696
Antique Japanese Netsuke Shoki.
2 netsuke japanese figures
Vintage Japanese ivory colored Tagua Nut netsuke/Okimono -Falcon/Eagle Bird
Japanese Netsuke Boxwood Noh Mask ENMEI-KAJA Man Face carved in Edo era
Vintage or Antique Carved Bovine Micro Mini Figure Probably Japanese
Japanese Netsuke Old Boxwood Handwork Collectible Mantis Catching Cicada Statue
Japanese Ceramic Netsuke of a Pregnant Woman with a Baby on Her Shoulder
Japanese Antique Deer Bone Netsuke with keys : Bamboo Shoot, Jurojin and Samurai
Man W Rabbit Pipe Vintage Hand Carved Netsuke Japanese Figurine 681
18-19thC Edo antique orignal japanese KARAKURI NETSUKE carved stag antler horn
Antique bead ojime-dama netsuke inro tobacco pouch fittings samurai koshirae
Rare Chinese Old Handmade Carved Boxwood Cock Statue Netsuke decoration
A Faux Netsuke of Two Monkeys
Red Makie INRO w OJIME, Shell Inlaid NETSUKE Japanese Meiji Antique. Hawk Monkey
NETSUKE - Frog on a lotus leaf carved hardwood
NETSUKE - Fisherman caught octopus – polychrome bone hue hand carved resin
Horse Inro Ojime Vintage Hand Carved Zodiac 300
Japanese Antique Boxwood Handwork Auspicious Lion Collectible Old Netsuke Statue
Antique chinese Boxwood hand carving flower statue netsuke valuable home deco
Rare Japanese Boxwood Collection Buddha Statue Netsuke Collection Bodhidharma
Collection Of 5 Small Carved Bone Japanese Signed Netsuke Animals
Antique chinese Boxwood hand carving buddha statue netsuke valuable blessing
Superb Sitting Dragon Netsuke Hand Carved Signed Figurine Estate Item 701
Original Macabre Skeleton Netsuke Carved in Stag antler
Collectible Rare Japanese Netsuke Old Antique Boxwood Handwork God Dragon Statue
OLD Japanese amber netsuke -Lizard feeds young in DoubleGourd,signed
FINE Inlay & Carving SIGNED OJIME Bead NETSUKE 19thC Japanese Edo Meiji Antique
rare boxwood samurai statue netsuke home deco collection gift cool man gift
Collectible Rare Boxwood Handwork Old Antique Frog Flowers Hand Piece Teapot
unique boxwood hand carved The Pine Greeting Guests statue netsuke ornament
Octopus Holds Fish Ojime Bead Hand Carved Japanese Miniature Figurine 676
Old Chinese Boxwood Handwork Dragon Collectible Rare Antique netsuke Pillar-Box
Netsuki Carved Signed Wooden Cat by Kagawa Katsuhiro
Old Collectible Boxwood Handwork Antique Flower Butterfly Hairpin Netsuke Statue
Antique Japanese Netsuke Ono No Komaci.
Rare Collectible Boxwood Handwork Battle Saint Guan Yu Antique Netsuke Statue
nice chinese old boxwood hand carved dustpan spider netsuke
Japanese Antique Sekisen Onko ware Netsuke
A Japanese five case Inro , Meiji period
Rare Collectible Boxwood Handwork Plum Blossom Japanese Netsuke Antique Hairpin
G1932: Japanese Wood carving Demon Person-shaped NETSUKE Inro, kimono sash
Collectible Rare Handwork Japanese Antique Old Boxwood Pumpkin Netsuke Statue
antique Old Boxwood Japanese God of longevity buddha statue Netsuke hand piece
ONI who has a temple bell NETSUKE 19thC Japanese Edo Meiji Antique for INRO G267
Antique Rare Old Boxwood Handwork Carp Leaped Dragon Gate Big Folding Screen
Collectible Old Japanese Antique Handwork Boxwood Duckling Rare Netsuke Statue
Vintage JAPANESE Bone Netsuke -Mountain Goat with $Money $ Bag
Old Collectible Handwork Rare Boxwood Frog Prince Japanese Netsuke Statue
Japanese Antique Collectible Rare Old Boxwood Handwork Duckling Netsuke Statue
Vintage Japanese ivory colored Bone Nude Geisha Baths In Tub ,naughty FROG Watch
Japan Antique Edo Dragon Vajra Netsuke Gold menuki kimono yoroi katana samurai
Japanese Netsuke Handwork Boxwood Fortune Unicorn Collectible Old Antique Statue
Old Collectible Handwork Rare Boxwood Forg & Lotus netsuke Writing brush washer
Collectible Boxwood Netsuke Rare Handwork Old Antique God Beast Suanni 狻猊 Statue
antique Old chinese Boxwood Hand Carved Belle girl japan Buddha Statue netsuke
mini copper Old Handmade Carved sexual culture girl Statue netsuke gift deco
Collection Old Boxwood Japanese Fortune Kirin Blessing Figure Statue hand piece
G1931: Japanese Pottery Daruma-shaped NETSUKE Inro, Hang items kimono sash
Big japanese old boxwood hand carved Girl belle statue netsuke home decoration
Rare Japanese Netsuke Old Boxwood Handwork Fat Child Lotus Leaf Antique Statue
Art Chinese Old Boxwood Handmade belle girl Statue Japanese Netsuke Figure gift
Collectible Chinese Boxwood Handwork Plum Blossom Bird Writing Brush Washer
Japanese 19th Century Sagemono kiseruzutsu tobacco pouch and pipe
A830: High class Japanese old lacquered pillbox INRO with wonderful MAKIE
A490: Real old Japanese cultural nuts NETSUKE with mesh pouch
Wood Oger Netsuke
1Oriental Boxwood Hand Carving Mouse Netsuke
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I.M. Chait invites Asia Week visitors to March 17 auction of Important Chinese Ceramics and Asian Works of Art
Another fine antique carved from celadon jade is the 18th-century Chinese marriage bowl on ornate hardwood stand ... For example, a carved wood sashi netsuke (Lot 29) depicting a tall armored warrior deity about to plunge a long sword into an oni at ...
Darien CT Estate Sale
Chinese buffet, Fr. country style dining table & chairs, rustic church pew, hall tables, kitchen table w/ 4 chairs, lamps, mid century wall sculptures, Netsuke ivory miniatures & artwork, incl. litho by Joan Miro. Of Special Interest: Large selection of ...
ART & ABOUT: Tsk, tsk... tusk in transit
The only prominently and proudly displayed evidence of a hankering for dead animal parts in the country was a former ... but the expression suggests that its ivory enthusiasts might believe their collectibles to be something replaceable like shark ...
Gavel drops at $143K for Chinese gilt-bronze Buddha
“There’s no doubt that Asian antiques are hot right now ... vase with fish ($1,320), and one lot consisting of two highly collectible Japanese carved netsuke figures. They went to a determined bidder for $1,044. Another pair of netsuke flirted with ...
Connemara auction has almost 500 lots
AT FIRST glance, Newbridge and Hollywood wouldn't appear to have a lot in common — the Kildare town and Tinseltown would seem to be worlds apart both geographically and culturally. The Irish arm of Vodafone remains the most popular phone operator with ...
SPRING SHOW NYC OFFERS BLING FOR SPRING: A Glittering Assortment of Fine and Estate Jewelry
From Lawrence Jeffrey Estate Jewelers: This period Art Deco ring, circa 1920-30 is a rare example of ... and technical achievement are all of the highest caliber. From Drucker Antiques: A carved hardstone and bone netsuke necklace with a frog motif ...